Our Brand

Laniber is a leading brand of LED lighting solutions. We are fully-owned by Canford Electrical, one of Singapore’s most established manufacturers and distributors of lighting and electrical products.

The Laniber brand was founded in the year 2000, to meet the growing needs of Singapore’s lighting industry. During that time, home and business owners across the country wanted lighting solutions that were high quality, long-lasting and affordable.

These needs were met with the introduction of Laniber.

Our dedication to quality, affordability and honesty has earned us the trust of loyal customers, who know they can rely on us for excellent products, reliable service and trustworthy advice.

What’s more, our innovative, industry-leading products are incredibly easy to use and install – making it simple for anyone to light up their homes and businesses with Laniber’s innovative solutions.

As lighting technologies have improved, so has Laniber. Today, our LED lighting solutions are saving the environment and users’ wallets, with low energy requirements and long lifespans.

Canford Electrical

Since 1997, Canford Electrical has been a leading supplier and wholesaler of lighting and electrical appliances in Singapore. Canford Electrical are innovators of unique, quality lighting and electrical products and have a strong history that spans almost 20 years.

More information on Canford Electrical can be found on the company’s website.

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