Our Values


Every Laniber product has been crafted with quality at its core. From our painstakingly detailed designs, to the premium materials that go into the manufacturing of each product, all the way to our process of individually quality checking every item that comes off our manufacturing line, no expense has been spared to make Laniber products the benchmark of quality in the lighting industry.

A Friend of the Environment

We believe in building a business that is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. That’s why our LED lighting solutions use less energy to power up than regular lighting products. This also translates into lower energy costs. For our customers, purchasing a Laniber product means saving our planet, and their wallets. 

Customer-focused Solutions

Our product research and development focuses on providing the industry with customer-oriented solutions. This means LED lighting solutions that are on the cutting edge of innovation in lighting technology, material quality and design. Designed from the ground up with usability in mind, Laniber products are easy to install, use and replace.

Exceptional Service

Our dedication to quality extends to our sales and service standards. Laniber’s retail partners can be assured of personalised support from our experienced team, who will assist you with any questions or customisation requests you have. Meanwhile, customers can count on us to repair and/or provide one-on-one exchanges on any defective products purchased from us (within the product’s warranty period). Where necessary, our team will gladly provide on-site support to retailers and customers.

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